Consultation Services

Designed for Associations that are self managed, but desire selective services to fit particular needs that occur from time to time.   

  • Consult with Board members by telephone on issues related to Association operations
  • Publish periodic newsletter for Board members on contemporary Community Association issues
  • Attend select Association or Board meetings
  • Receive from owners and assign non-emergency work requests to Board selected contractors
  • Host Association website

Provide optional Property Administration services on an hourly basis as requested by Board which may  include:

  • Work with Association retained architect or engineer in the preparation of certain specifications
  • Prepare specifications and bid packages for contracted services, solicit and receive propo
  • Inspect property and order specialized maintenance services
  • Assist with preparation of budget
  • Assist with administration of association recorded documents and rules
  • Assist with revision of rules
  • Prepare Association newsletter
  • Consult with association legal advisor

Administration Services

  •     Maintain correspondence and communications
  •     Administer recorded documents and rules
  •     Attend periodic meetings
  •     Administer contracted services and proposals
  •     Liaison between insurance carrier and association
  •     Review activities of contractors
  •     Inspect property on a periodic basis
  •     Order specialized maintenance services
  •     Publish Association newsletter
  •     Maintain current records of association
  •     Assist with reserve study
  •     Handle resale or lease transactions
  •     Host Information Association website

Financial Management Services

  • Receive regular and special assessments
  • Prepare disbursements
  • Prepare periodic financial status
  • Assist with budget preparation
  • Assist CPA with tax returns and audits
  • Consult with association legal advisor

Homeowner Services

  • Association residents may request maintenance services online by completing the form available at the link below

Real Estate Sales and Lease Transaction Information

Escrow Agents, Appraisers, Lenders or Real Estate Agents:  Please visit the individual Association websites for specific information and procedures related to real estate sales or lease transactions.

Online Service Request - Submit a request for maintenance or repair online or communicate with your Association. Complaints about Association residents require a signature and must be received by US Mail only, as complaints received by telephone, e-mail or fax will not be processed. 


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