Association Coverage

The individual Association Declaration will define what property is insured by the Association and which items are insured by the homeowner’s policy, subject to the limitations and exclusions of the policy.  

There specifically is no coverage for  flood, earthquake, water and sewer back up or unit property in the Association’s master policy.  Most policies exclude the Limited Common  Elements, the Units and all personal property.  Due to policy  limitations and exclusions, there may be situations where certain  losses are not covered by any insurance. In these instances,  the costs will be borne by the individual unit owner.

Unit Owner Coverage

The purchase of a Condominium Owners' policy (Form HO-6) to cover your  personal property, additions and alterations to your unit, additional  living expenses should your unit become damaged due to a loss and  personal liability is essential. The basic rate for this policy is  based on the value of your personal property and the contents of your  unit.  You should also purchase extended coverage for building property, specific exclusions in the master policy or for a loss assessment that  could become necessary in the event of an uninsured loss.

Water Backup Coverage

The sewer line serving your home may be shared by other homes before it reaches the main line. In addition, it is possible that a problem in the line may affect your home and waste water may back up into your home. 

Most policies for condominium owners specifically exclude any damage caused  by water coming from a shared or public sewer system  Owners should purchase a sewer  and water backup coverage endorsement to their insurance policies.

Certificates of Insurance

Your lender may request evidence of insurance when your loan is sold or the  servicer changes. Please mail or fax a copy of the request to us as we  cannot take this information over the phone or by e-mail. Certificates are issued by the Association’s insurance carrier and ample time should be allowed for delivery of updated insurance certificates. 

Coverage for Dogs

Many insurance companies exclude coverage for the  owners of dogs that are considered dangerous and all dogs of the pit  bull (Staffordshire Terrier), Rottweiller, or Doberman Pinscher breeds. These dog owners are required to obtain special insurance coverage  under local and state law.  Failure to report the ownership of a  restricted breed may result in cancellation or denial of coverage at the time of an otherwise covered loss.

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